Top 8 Wedding Photography Tips For Brilliant Photos

Photos hold a special place in every wedding. They let you travel in time and cherish the most important day of your life. Here are a few tips to capture the best moments of your big day :

1 Background Work

Do your homework well in advance to get the best photographers on board. You must get this started at least eight to ten months before the wedding. Talk to recently wed couples about their photographer. You can also take a look at social media profiles and websites of various photography companies.

2 Shortlist and Set up a Meeting

Any photographer will upload only the best of the many shots taken at a wedding. Thus, you can not finalize just by looking at their social media accounts or websites. Shortlist your favorite photographers. Set up a meeting with them separately. Ask them to bring along the complete album of two or three weddings recently shot by them. This will help you to have a better idea about their photography.

3 Decide the Photographer

Most of the companies will have multiple photographers. Decide who among them will best suit your requirements. You can also have more than one photographer to make the task easy. Ask the company to send the same photographers for your wedding.

4 Candid Photographers

Candid photography is the latest trend observed in weddings. You can have one or more candid photographers to cover the event. Along with capturing the special moments between the bride and the groom they will also cover your family and friends. These photographs will be a surprise package when you look at them after the wedding.

5 Budget and Packages

All the photography firms have pre-decided packages depending on the number of photographers you hire, hours they spend in the wedding and so on. Compare the packages of all the shortlisted companies. Once you finalize on the package sign a contract or take a bill which includes details like the wedding date, venue, the name of the photographer you have selected, events to be covered and the final draft of the photos and videos you want to receive.

6 List the Required Shots

Go through as many wedding pictures as you can. Save the images of your personal favorite shots. Send them to your photographer to make sure they are captured in your wedding. Also, make a plan for the family pictures.

7 Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Include a pre-wedding photo shoot in your finalized package. You can have a destination or theme based photo shoot. Ask the photographer to carry the props you will require. This will give you a chance to bond well with the photographer.

8 Live the Moment

Live every moment of the wedding with all your energy. Flaunt your happiness and excitement. The same will reflect in all the photos. Make sure you give your photographers enough time to capture the best couple shots in the wedding venue.

Hope these tips will help you to choose the best wedding photographers. All the best for the new beginnings of your life!